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CCVO Details

"Willow excelled within our organization and become a key person during the conference."

Adriana Simon - Director, Resource Development and Membership CCVO

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CCVO Connections Conference 2017

April 4th 2017 (Mount Royal University, Ross Glen Hall)

Hosted at Mount Royal University on April 4th, we celebrate 5 years of collaboration with Calgary CCVO's Connections Conference! We discussed the shifting landscape facing all of us, and focused on the complexities of:

  • Working through Indigenous reconciliation
  • Transitioning to a lower-carbon future
  • Navigating demographic shifts

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CCVO Connections Conference 2016

April 11th and 12th 2016 (Mount Royal University, Ross Glen Hall)

Hosted at Mount Royal University on April 11-12, our 5th annual Connections Conference was a smashing success! We discussed the shifting landscape facing all of us, big discussions, big ideas, and provided meaningful takeaways causing sparks within our community.

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Connections Conference 2015

April 13th and 14th 2015 (Mount Royal University, Ross Glen Hall)

CCVO’s annual Connections Conference brought together leaders from Alberta’s nonprofit, corporate, and public sectors, connecting regarding contemporary policy issues and government initiatives. Keynote speeches and session topics focused on issues that matter most to sector stakeholders: the people, funds, systems and policies that affect sector organizations and the communities we serve. An exceptional line-up of speakers provided insights, practical tips and information to help spark dialogue between nonprofit leaders, government, funders and the corporate community.

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Connections Conference 2014

April 14th and 15th 2014 (Mount Royal University, Ross Glen Hall)

Over two days, more than 350 passionate and highly engaged participants from nonprofits, corporations and our provincial government met to share ideas, make new connections and be inspired to take bold action to strengthen our communities.  Tweeting up a storm, #connectionsyyc was trending right out of the gate, as delegates shared their take-aways from our engaging speakers Jocelyne Daw, Amanda Lang, Rt. Hon. Joe Clark, Bob Wyatt and Ashley Good.

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Connections Conference 2013

April 29th and 30th 2013 (Mount Royal University, Ross Glen Hall)

Connections 2013 brought together over 320 leaders from the nonprofit sector, corporate community and government to learn from one another, make connections and dialogue about the significant changes that will impact the nonprofit sector and its ability to meet future community needs.  Keynote speakers included Dan Pallotta, a pioneering social entrepreneur, and Bob Wyatt, Executive Director of the Muttart Foundation, Lloyd Axworthy, president of the University of Winnipeg and Dr. Lester Salamon, Director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Civil Society Studies.
Connections 2013 Promotional Video Please click here for a post-event testimonial from CCVO.

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