Ecotrust Details


Ecotrust Details

"Vida Events brought their best to our event and it showed. We can't wait to get started on the next one with them!"

Pat Letizia - Executive Director, Alberta Ecotrust Foundation

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April 4th - 5th (Calgary)

In collaboration with Alberta Ecotrust, Vida Events is proud to support the 4th Annual Environmental Gathering. Together we created a critical space for conversation and relationship building, a space that respects different points of view and draws on everyone’s ideas to find new solutions to environmental challenges. The Environmental Gathering is the only place in our province where people in the environmental community, private industry, and municipal and provincial governments can gather to support positive environmental action.

In 2019, it was all about coming together. Find out more about the 2019 Gathering here.

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3rd Annual Environmental Gathering

March 8th - 10th 2018 (Calgary)

Vida Events was so pleased to support Alberta Ecotrust’s third annual Environmental Gathering: Create the Future. There is a need for a fundamental shift in the way Alberta’s citizens and organizations think about environmental issues and solutions. Rather than simply fight against what we as a society don’t want, we have to design and build what we collectively do want – a just, prosperous and sustainable future.

Previous Gatherings focused on changing the climate of how Albertans work together, and breaking through barriers that hold us back. At the 2018 Gathering we connected with others from a variety of sectors and backgrounds, while collectively developing and deepening the skills required to change our course to sustainability and create the future we want and need.

Learn more about this great event here.

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2nd Annual Environmental Gathering

February 23rd - 25th 2017 (Edmonton)

Alberta Ecotrust is proud to announce our second annual Environmental Gathering: Breaking Through. We are at a unique time in Alberta with new opportunities for meaningful progress on the environment. As we all grapple with important issues like reducing greenhouse gas emissions, protecting watersheds and preserving valuable land and habitat, it is more important than ever to break through barriers and drive change! No one can do it alone.

Building on the success of the first Environmental Gathering in 2016, we invite you to be a part of this exciting and strategic opportunity to connect and collaborate with people from environmental nonprofits, First Nations communities, industry and government. Alberta Ecotrust Foundation’s second annual Environmental Gathering continues the practice of coming together as environmental champions to boldly create and steward our collective vision for tomorrow. Join us to explore the urgency of the issues we face and the energy and action needed to address our most pressing concerns.

First Annual Environmental Gathering

February 25th - 27th 2016 (Calgary)

Alberta Ecotrust is proud to announce that our first annual Environmental Gathering in Alberta was a smashing success! Alberta’s environmental community is incredibly diverse. From ensuring safe and available water, to preserving and restoring valuable land and habitat, to building a sustainable future, Albertans across the province are continually working to protect the ecosystems that provide all of us with life and prosperity.

Champions for the environment from the public and private sectors gathered to explore new opportunities and to work across sectors. There were more than 200 environment and sustainability professionals in attendance. At this event we were able to connect with peers and like-minded individuals from across the province in meaningful way.  The environmental challenges we face in Alberta are complex. We share a sense of urgency. We believe that to amplify our collective impact we need to come together to connect meaningfully, find common ground, share resources, align our objectives and plan wisely. Rather than a “stand alone” conference, this Environmental Gathering was an opportunity to determine how we can work together as a community moving forward.